Fly-Cruise Partnership: Genting Cruise Lines and China Southern Airlines

Genting cruise Lines, a division of Genting Hong Kong, and China Southern Airlines, which has the largest air fleet in Asia, have signed a Memorandum of Understanding on a strategic fly-cruise partnership in China. Under the agreement, the two industry leaders pledged to take the fly-cruise travel concept into a new era and contribute to the development of Guangzhou as a world-class cruise homeport and travel hub. 

Mr. Kent Zhu, President of Genting cruise Lines and Mr. Laijun Luo, Director General of the Commercial Steering Committee at China Southern Airlines, led the signing ceremony attended by over 100 guests including Ms. Aiying Tan, Deputy Director, Tourism Administration of Guangzhou Municipality and Genting cruise Lines senior executives, Ms. Yvette Yuan, Head of Sales and Senior Vice President as well as Mr. Dongliang Li, Senior Vice President of Sales Division.


Genting cruise Lines, which consists of Star cruises and Dream cruises,  and China Southern Airlines will pull together their resources in product development, sales, marketing and promotions to create innovative, unique and

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Ritz-Carlton Is Getting Into Cruising With a Fleet of Luxury Yachts

Fans of Ritz-Carlton hotels and resorts will now be able to experience the same luxury on the high seas. The company announced on Thursday the debut of the Ritz-Carlton Yacht Collection, a fleet of three 298-passenger ships that will sail to the Mediterranean, Northern Europe, Latin America, and the Caribbean, among other destinations.

The first yacht will debut in late 2019, followed by a second in 2021, and a third in 2022. Reservations will open in May 2018.


Ritz-Carlton Yacht

Courtesy of Ritz-Carlton

The yachts, which will be painted a sleek deep blue, are poised to fill

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New Expedia cruise, travel agency opens in Boca

There’s even a porthole in the wall at the new Expedia cruiseShipCenters location in the Shoppes of Blue Lake in Boca Raton.

But this isn’t just a travel agency for cruisers. Jose Arosemena opened the office on May 17 and wants his agency to be the go-to place for anyone planning a trip.

“We want to help navigate so many options,” he said. “It’s very complex and 80 percent of cruisers book through a travel agent. We also guide first-time cruisers and give our customers tips they may not take into account like the disembarking process.”

His vacation specialists can make arrangements for the big ships to smaller luxury ships with gourmet food and more personalized services. River cruises through Europe and especially Asia are hot right now, and destinations range from the Caribbean and Alaska to safaris, he said.

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Royal Caribbean announces Club Royal Couple finalists

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15 Caribbean vacations that are worth the price

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A Travel Guide to Tobago, the Caribbean’s Chillest Island


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Scary Start to Honeymoon: My Husband’s Allergic Reaction on the Road

Fiona Boyce and her husband

It was hard to believe that after spending a year planning our wedding weekend it was over and I was officially married! My husband and I were headed to South Africa for our two-week honeymoon, a trip filled with urban exploration, wine tasting and a wildlife safari. I couldn’t wait.

When most people travel, they bring suitcases packed with items they will need to have a relaxing, stress-free vacation. When my husband and I travel, we bring extra baggage with a lot of snacks. The reason?  Food allergies.

My husband has life-threatening allergies to peanuts and tree nuts, while I am gluten intolerant. This puts many foods off-limits. While planning our honeymoon, what was more important to me than anything else was that we’d stay places that would be able to accommodate our dietary restrictions.

After an 18-hour journey, we finally landed in South Africa for the first night of our honeymoon. We opted for a low-key dinner at our hotel. Before ordering his meal, my husband informed the waiter of his nut and peanut allergies and requested a steak and French fries, a dish our waiter was confident would be safe. Jetlagged and hungry, we quickly began eating once our food arrived.

Life seemed pretty amazing: newly married, a candlelit dinner in Johannesburg, what more could anyone

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Some European cruise lines are making it easier (and cheaper) for singles to go it alone

Solo cruisers, who are usually charged for two people even though they’re traveling alone, can catch a break with some companies that are waiving the additional charge this year and next.

European Waterways, which runs hotel-style barges on Europe’s rivers, announced last week that it is eliminating the double occupancy requirement in a nod to the growing popularity of traveling solo.

Among the destinations served by the line are France’s Burgundy region, Scotland’s Caledonian Canal and Italy’s Po Valley and Venice.

Uniworld River cruises and Ponant cruise company, a French line that offers big-ship cruising, also waive the single supplement charge.

Making friends and — maybe — major life decisions on Honeymoon Israel

YESUD HAMA’ALA, Israel — For thousands of years, Jews have searched for a way back to this sacred land. And for an even longer time, they’ve also been encouraged to marry other members of the so-called tribe.

But outside of Israel, especially in the United States, Jews have become increasingly likely to partner with someone of a different faith, prompting decades of hand-wringing and guilt trips. Avi Rubel, the cofounder and co-CEO of Honeymoon Israel, sees it another way.


“It’s not a minus one, it’s a plus one,” he tells 21 young Boston couples awaiting sunset in the country’s lush northern mountains. Minutes later, a buoyant party kicks off in a nearby tent, replete with grilled lamb and live music.

Drinks were raised, chairs were lifted. It was like a wedding reception, although most of us on this trip were already married. That was the point.

Many Americans are familiar with Birthright Israel, a free educational trip to the country available to young adults with Jewish heritage.

The idea is to foster Jewish identity and a connection with Israel at an impressionable age — with the unstated but welcome outcome for young Jews to meet one another and build families together. (This has been called “b’sheret,” a Yiddish word describing a match that was meant to be.)

But an increasing

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Carnival reroutes 3 cruise ships in wake of Tropical Storms Bret and Cindy

Carnival cruise Line was forced to redirect three of its ships in order to avoid rough seas caused by Tropical Storms Bret and Cindy.

The three liners — which had set sail from Miami; Galveston, Texas; and New Orleans, La., — were all forced to change their itineraries and avoid scheduled ports because of the storms, reports Carnival-reroutes-3-cruise-ships-in-wake-tropical-storms-bret-and-cindy.html”>

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